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Moen Vs Delta Which One To Choose For Bathroom And Kitchen Faucets?

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Moen vs Delta which one to choose for bathroom and kitchen faucets? I almost took a whole day trying to figure out which brand’s faucet is best. I would like in my kitchen and bathroom. During the renovation of my home, I conducted thorough research on the top two faucet brands existing in the world- moen vs delta.

From the quality, structure to the finishes and life span, I considered all the aspects to come up with nothing but the best brand for my faucets in the kitchen and bathroom.

If you are a picky homeowner like me, I bet you too are going through the same dilemma. Here is a complete guideline for you to know everything about both the brands and make a wise decision for yourself.

As far as my decision is concerned, you’ll have to read the entire blog for that. Let’s begin. 

Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Faucet – Best Industrial Kitchen Faucet

Picking the right kitchen faucets are not as easy as choosing a pretty curtain for the place. You have to make sure that the material is long-lasting. Thus, you don’t have to spend tons of dollars on buying another pair anytime soon.

moen and delta faucet
Moen Vs Delta

Let’s see what Moen and Delta kitchen faucets have in store for you. 

  • Finishing 

Design is very important when it comes to choosing the right Delta faucets for the kitchen. The wrong or inappropriate finishing can make your faucet look out of place and odd. Despite having a good design, improper finishing can make the whole kitchen decor worse. 

Moen and Delta, both provide the two timeless finishes, namely oil-rubbed bronze and chrome. Thus, no matter what brand you choose, these materials will help your faucet sparkle for the rest of the year. Apart from these similarities, here is an honest overview of Moen vs Delta in terms of finishing.

  • Moen

It offers a matte black and stainless finishing which imparts a classy look to the faucet. Moen also uses a different technology to keep the finishing clean and free from other impurities and fingerprints. 

  • Delta 

This one offer chrome, matte black, stainless and Venetian Bronze finishes. Delta uses SpotShield technology to protect the finishes for a longer period of time. This technology keeps the faucets free from impurities and also provides anti-microbial protection. 

Is Delta a good brand? Is it feasible to trust Moen?
Well, it is normal to come up with such thoughts before you make the purchase. But, the fact is, it is too soon to answer these questions.
Both brands offer unmatchable quality. Take your time before you make the final decision. The battle of Moen vs Delta is not easy, after all.

Design – Moen vs Delta Faucets

Nothing can beat the design when it comes to Moen and Delta kitchen faucets. Both brands offer styles that complement the kitchen decor effortlessly. Yet, I have come across some differences of Moen vs Delta:

  • Moen 

This brand offers commercial, traditional, and modern faucets. You will find several product names under each category. For example, Brantford, Align, and Arbor. You also have the freedom of choosing anything between pull-down and pull-out models. 

  • Delta    

Delta also has traditional, modern, and transitional designs. You can choose from the collections of Leland, Essa, and Trinsic. You will also find a slew of pull-out and pull-down designs. 

I would suggest you go for Delta if the faucets are for residential purposes. It is because they have really amazing collections to enhance the overall look of your kitchen space. Opt for Moen if you are looking forward to buying kitchen faucets for commercial purposes. 

Touch and Touchless Technologies – Best Faucet Brands

The best touchless kitchen faucets in 2019 and 2018 would be from the collections of Moen. Delta also offers touchless operations. But, both brands use different technologies to introduce touchless operations.

  • Moen 

This brand uses MotionSense technology to integrate sensors inside the faucet. Some may have one sensor, while others may have multiple. In the case of two sensors, one is usually located on the top of the spout and the other one at the base.
Just wave your hand or gently place it under the faucet, and that is more than enough to activate the water flow. 

  • Delta 

You will find both touches as well as touchless operations from their collections. Touch20 technology provides the touch functionality. Thus, the water starts flowing as soon as you touch the faucet.
It requires a gentle touch only. Therefore, it’s a great idea if you don’t want the dirt from your hand transfer to the faucet. 

Most of the products from Delta encompass touch technology. However, the products designed by Touch20 technology consist of built-in motion sensors. So you can enjoy completely touchless operations from the Delta kitchen faucets too.
Also, do not forget to read the pros and cons of touchless kitchen faucets before buying them.  

Customer support – moen vs delta quality

Both the brands have their own share of bad and good reviews in regards to customer service. I called both the brands up to figure out the quality of their customer service.
Moen was comparatively quicker to respond to my calls. Delta took some time and kept me on hold for just a few minutes. Delta faucets customer service was a little slow. 

However, both Delta and Moen were friendly and patient enough to listen to my queries and clarify them with the utmost precision. Why don’t you try contacting them and let me know about your experience?

Keeping all the above-mentioned factors in mind, in my opinion, the most reliable kitchen faucet brand would be Moen. From a sleek design, touchless technologies to quicker customer support, everything is at par my expectations.

As mentioned earlier, it is not easy to declare a specific winner of moen vs delta. It primarily depends on your needs and demands.

Moen vs Delta Picking The Best Bathroom Faucets – Best Modern Bathroom Faucets

You can decorate your bathroom with as many new products as you can. The market is never tired of amazing us with new technologies and products every day. The moen vs delta debate is very much on when it comes to choosing the right bathroom faucet.

Whether you want it for your own home or you, want to sell the property, both the brands will help you increase the resale value tenfold.

moen and delta faucet
Moen And Delta
  • Spray patterns 

The faucets in your bathroom are more about an advanced functionality. Looks are pretty much the same as discussed for the kitchen faucets. If the sink hardware doesn’t make your work convenient and effective, it is useless.
Therefore, let’s have a look at both the brands in terms of their spray patterns. 

You can enjoy three modes for Moen bathroom faucets. Besides the regular steam, you can also use:

Power Clean– This one provides a concentrated and powerful spray. The power is 50% more than the rest of the conventional faucets. It doesn’t create a mess around the sink area since it has an optimum splash. At the same time, it has a wonderful cleaning force too.  

Boosted Stream– This one provides a smooth stream of water such that you can fill up pans or pitchers way faster. 

Boosted Spray– As the name suggests, this mode lets out a boosted spray to make cleanups more efficient and faster. 

  • Delta 

You can also enjoy efficient spray patterns for Delta bathroom faucets. This one makes cleaning 10X faster. It is not restricted only between the spray modes and regular-stream.
You can also switch to the SpotShield Spray if you want. The SpotShield spray will let out a concentrated stream of water within a specific area. Thus, you can assure that this mode will leave no mess behind. 

Pull-down Designs – Back Pull Out The Pump – Moen vs Delta Kitchen Faucets

Both Moen, as well as Delta, are well-known throughout the world due to their top-notch pull-down designs. They use flexible spray heads that can extend to a great extent and magnetic docking systems. The most noticeable features of both brands are as follows:

  • Moen 

Moen brought forth the concept of the Reflex System. It encompasses a flexible hose along with an adjustable spray head. Therefore, you can have an ample range of motion and operate it with one hand easily. The spray head is flexible enough to retract to its original position smoothly without any hassle. 

  • Delta    

Delta uses the MagnaTite Technology to design its pull-down faucets. It has a strong magnet located at the end of the spout. The magnet keeps the wand in place when the spray head is not moving.

With a gentle tug, the magnet efficiently pulls down the magnet. The magnetic force helps you hold the spray head firmly without letting it droop every now and then. 

  • Warranty 

One of the most crucial advantages of buying products from either Moen or Delta is that they offer you a lifetime warranty. You don’t have to panic, even if the faucets are damaged due to any reason.

Just let their customer support know about the matter, and they will assist you in no time. The warranty also works for kitchen faucets. The battle of moen vs delta is neutral in regards to warranty.

General FAQs Related To Delta and Moen – Moen vs Delta Bathroom Faucet

You may have different queries in your mind before buying a kitchen or bathroom faucets from Moen or Delta. I have compiled a list of the most common questions in this blog. Give them a read. 

1.    How to get Delta replacement parts for my Delta faucets?

Replacements parts can be found in the Customer Support section of their official page. Click on the ‘Repair Pairs’ tab and simply follow the instructions. 

2.    Does Delta have parts for EPIC faucets?

The EPIC brand was discarded in the year 1994. You won’t find any parts from the same brand anymore on their official website. 

3.    I want to install a new faucet. But, I also want to keep my current drain assembly. Is it possible?

Usually, it is possible. However, you may want to consider changing the drain assembly if you want to change finishes in your bathroom faucet. 

4.   Is it possible to replace my two-handle shower with a single handle one?

Moen makes it quite easier to replace shower valves as per your instructions. You can even keep your current wall or tile with the help of their cover plates. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right brand for your kitchen and bathroom faucets can drive you mad. Hopefully, you will get some help with this blog. The kitchen and bathroom contribute to the overall ambiance of your room. Take your time and make the right decision.

Their customer support is always available. Get in touch with them to resolve your queries. As far as my choice is concerned, I loved the concept of touchless technology. So I opted for Moen for my kitchen faucets and Delta for my bathroom. 

Do you want to know what is the best faucet brands? Please read our great content.

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